Dayna Reggero is an award-winning documentary film director and healing listener. Her work started at 19, appearing with animals on television to talk about environmental preservation. She partnered with Discovery Communications on her first film tour about sustainability and collaborated on the Emmy award-winning climate series “Years of Living Dangerously” before founding the Climate Listening Project. The stories she’s listened to have been elevated in hundreds of places including National Geographic, Univision, PBS, and the Jane Goodall Institute. wrote: “By trade, Dayna Reggero is an environmentalist. Her work ranges from filmmaking to beginning her career as a spokesperson. However, her most skilled work might come in the form of organizing conversations, or simply starting them.” In a print feature, Woman’s Day Magazine showcased Dayna as an “Earth Mother: an Artist Activist who isn’t just fighting for cleaner air and water, but protecting a community’s most precious resources – its people.”
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