A special song bird connects people across borders. 
“Showing great visual storytelling instincts, director Dayna Reggero follows the bird and its fans. It is especially the enthusiasm, love and respect Reggero shows for her subjects that makes us look forward to her next projects.”
Lynn Whitfield, actor (Greenleaf on OWN) and Tracey Bing, producer (Nappily Ever After on Netflix)
“First-time filmmaker Dayna Reggero winning Best Short Documentary for The Wood Thrush Connection, a delightful story about the migratory path of this beloved songbird.” 
Gill Pringle, writer (FilmInk)
“There is no one whose work I admire more than that of Dayna Reggero’s filmmaking. The positive vision in her stories inspires both action and contemplation at the same time!”
Mallory McDuff, writer (NY Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed)
Film Director Partnership with National Audubon Society, Audubon North Carolina, Belize Audubon Society, Forsyth Audubon, and Audubon International Alliances Program
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